Fishing since about age 4 or so, the bass fishing had hit me again about 1997 so around 2003 I picked up a few local sponsors in Sipes Marine, Jigs Bait & Tackle and a Global one in NEC Corp to fish some bigger tournaments. The first and only 2 club tournaments I fished I had taken 1st place in both, so I leaped further. I decided to fish 100% Bass Pro Teams next, with a friend and early mentor, so we grabbed a few sponsors helping cover our entry fees between both. He also got us some help from Huddleston, Okuma and Swim bait City. We were ready to crush the next year. The season came and we bombed all year, not finishing once in the money, unbelievably with insane pre fishing trips and to both our surprise.

This very tough reality check, made me realize I needed to step out on my own and my partner was having fun fishing for trophies on his own without a Tourney schedule. I was challenged/ convinced to fish as a Pro for the Nor Cal Bass Pro/ Ams circuit in 2005, and jumped at that chance. Entering a very tough circuit, I stayed Top 20, with 2 Top 10 finishes including a 4th place and down to the last event I had a 6th place Pro finish. From that performance I earned some respect as a 35 year old, taking Pro Rookie of The Year honors, 16th overall. With my Momentum back, in 06, I fished a 100% Pro Am with a 7th place finish and on the first Nor Cal Pro Am event blew up my engine for the second time. I faced some personal loss in the family a year & 1/2 later, fishing a few opens and placing,  but sold the house and moved to the Delta to readjust.

I found a home on the Ca Delta around 2008 and lived there, waterfront, with my own boat dock, just my daughter and I. On the California Delta, I fished about 200 days per year, studied, adapted, grew and starting competing again. A few years later a 4th place finish on a 320+ boat field at Bass Fest including many Western Pros sealed some local Tourney success with Hook Line & Sinker. Having my home for 6 years and my own 3 spot dock, 8 docks down from a guy named Bobby Barrack, even closer to Andy Cuccia put me right back in my element. Not to follow them around or bug them to death, but to live that life on the water, among the best and knowing all my deep water access and flooded islands were out my back door. Again I surrounded myself in a land of giants after living on Lake Don Pedro, Lake McClure and Lake Tulloch for 10 years prior. As an angler I wanted to be fishing 200 days per year; doubling what I was used to on the clear lakes since 1998. Being In touch with every part of that California Delta food chain and those lakes for 17 years, and sharing space with great anglers & mentors helped me reach my own goals. I research waterways. Understanding where big fish roam and what they are relating to seasonally, keeps me focused on the bite, the biggest bite in the lake, and that is an integral part of planning before every trip.

The Delta was where I had the first solid 4th place Finish as a Pro. The years on the California Reservoirs, Oklahoma, Missouri, educated me in Bass Fishing having access to all 3 strains of Bass and how to put big bags together. Short stays in Hawaii, Florida and Southern California gave me much Salt Water Fishing experience including many trips all over Mexico even during my active music years as a Touring signed artist. Recently I have been fishing and testing big baits in Sweden. My Big Bass reputation started around 2002 in Northern California Lakes and the Delta through circuits like Anglers Choice Pro Teams, 100% Bass, Nor Cal Bass, BBT and The Hook series. I have earned Big Fish honors 4 times.

I currently have 23 fish over 10 Lbs including a 15.2 lb trophy, a 13.9 and a modest 13.2 pound monster. My fierce competitive blood keeps me constantly improving my skill set, my consistency on the water and making good decisions. My love for the sport reminds me to funnel my respect and knowledge off the water as well with other would be enthusiasts, especially with kids or new anglers. I am happy to see a new hobby develop after watching someone catch their first bass. I believe our guidance and influence can help them develop their skills while learning Ecology, habitat and preservation through catch and release, trash removal and putting our wildlife first.

I often think of my 15+ year career Consulting, and as a Sales Rep in the East Bay Area Telecom and Food/ Beverage Industries as the catalyst that allowed me to fish, afford my rig and the cost of all gear needed, just to be on the water. I’m using my business and networking background as the foundation for the absolute long term relationships needed to be a Professional Angler.  I am available for industry events, trade shows and lectures for sponsors. I will also be publishing blogs from around the world to share fishing trips on a global level.

As a lifelong musician, having toured the US several times as a signed artist, on Industrial Strength Records,  I’ve played some amazing venues and shows. Once I even took Charlie Harper of the UK Subs, one of England’s best and earliest punk bands, out fishing while out on tour in Georgia, on a Monday our rest day. I’m currently recording and producing my first solo album, here and in Europe and have 4 music videos released so far in 2015 on my My Youtube Channel.

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