Please Dont Get The Guitar Wet 

DIY Living is all about happiness creative freedom and independance.. my favorite subjects. 

To truly get there, often you will have to stomp your way through a little sludge and bs up to your knees.. Its why us humans, especially artists, drifters, fisherman (big bait makers/painters/ design) free thinkers find ways to life inherent to do what they love to do. Your gift, everyone has one….Reminded recently of my battle to get where im going, why not have one more round of shit up to my knees in sludge, DIY filming on my favorite fishing lake. Now 100 ft below normal water levels, underwater caves, boulders, old mines and history has revealed some rather amazing and disgusting finds… like fallin 3 feet into a crevice feeling like a giant slug leech monster was about to suck you underwater; for good. Already in knee deep mud and muck around an old sunken railroad bed demolition site, an occasional torn cloth maybe 100 years old gave me and friends an idea…First, I’m not taking my custom Gibson git anywhere near the water and mud !! Haha , but 2nd …..what if Exploring we end up finding a lost civilization of freaks and disfugured creatures living underwater…they feed at night!!  

 Enjoy my latest music video from my project Wolves In Argyle… I’m getting great feedback from all over the globe so I thought I’d try and share this story here for anglers ….derived from a fishing trip and brought to life on my rad home studio and simple iPhone  ..So Push through the mud… You don’t need an investor behind you , just freedom to create ….The BS won’t stand up against your immunity and you will find your place in the sun to create, and in my case, in the RAIN 🙂 


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